Genre : Rock, Music, Metal
Label : 2012 Sumerian Records
Format : m4a - pdf
Size : 110.69 MB
Store Date : Dec 18, 2012

CAPTURE THE CROWN is Metal / Hardcore done the Aussie way. From Sydney, Australia this youthful quintet want nothing more than to create a sound, which can move fans from the very first riff to the last. Their motto is live fast, play fast, party fast. For CAPTURE THE CROWN, their fans come first; they create music not only for themselves but most importantly their fans. They find great enjoyment in making music that is meant to be fun and straightforward, something one can easily move to and sing along with. The lyrics come from personal life experiences and are written in a way so fans can relate. With an extremely strong work ethic and a desire to excel, CAPTURE THE CROWN make the most out of any moment and situation that may come their way.

1 The Arrival
2 #OIMATEWTF (feat. Denis Shaforostov)
3 Fork Tongued
4 Ladies & Gentlemen? I Give You Hell
5 LAx
6 You Call That a Knife This Is a Knife!
7 Storm In a Teacup
8 Help Me To Help You
9 Déj? Vu
10 Insomniac
11 RVG
12 Til Death
13 The Departed 2.0
14 Welcome To My Worlds (Bonus Track)
+ Digital Booklet - Til Death


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