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    Domyślnie Audirvana Plus

    Audirvana Plus

    Audirvana Plus is a high‐end audiophile player for the Mac (with seamless iTunes integration), aiming at the best possible sound quality.

    General Features
    • Full memory play for best sound quality (loads, decode and convert tracks completely before playback)
    • Gapless playback
    • Device driver optimization: exclusive access & integer mode
    • Automatic sample rate switching
    • Configurable over/up-sampling
    • Device hot-plugging support

    File formats support

    • DSD native streaming to compatible DACs (currently Playback Designs, Mytek DSD, exD DAC, Meitner MA-1, dCS Debussy line of DACs, and all that support the DSD over PCM 1.0 standard)
    • DST compressed files realtime playback
    • DSD to PCM high quality conversion using best in class iZotope 64-bit SRC for the downsampling conversion
    • DSF, DSDIFF (including DST compressed), SACD ISO images
    • FLAC, Monkey Audio APE
    • Cue Sheets
    • Apple Lossless, AAC, MP3, …

    Audio Signal Handling

    • Internal resolution - Full 64bit
    • Maximum sample rate - No limit
    • Benchmark iZotope 64bit-SRC sample rate converter
    • Advanced sample rate converter tuning parameters
    • DAC volume remote control (when available)
    • Dithered Volume Control
    • 3 different Noise Shaping algorithms available for Dithering
    • including iZotope best in class MBIT+
    • Advanced dithering noise shaping tuning parameters

    Ease of Use

    • Device configuration not needing application restart to take effect
    • DACs connected behind a bridge specifics handling
    • Automatic fallback if requested feature not available
    • Playlists management (standard M3U format)
    • iTunes library access to create playlists
    • Current playlist auto-save
    • Immediate reload of auto-saved playlist (even for very long ones)
    • Search & filter tracks for dynamic fast playlist selection
    • Animated ‘ticker-syle’ display for long track titles
    • Media keys handling to control playback and volume
    • Apple IR Remote handling

    More Info:
    Audirvana | The Sound of Your Dreams

    Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    CoreAudio compatible DAC
    2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

    Kod / Pobierz / Download:

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