Game Notes:

Overkill Software officially announced the "Harvest Day 2" will be landing this summer XBLA, PSN and PC. This for a "Harvest Day: looting," the sequel to the game details and the system will make improvements, but the most important thing is to enhance the quality of the perfect, as if to give the player a "whole world is bright," the pleasing feeling. This work adds some new features, such as skills and upgrades, arms / career choices (each with special abilities) and so on.

PAYDAY 2 Beta Update 1-FTS

Release Date: 26.07.2013

Payday 2 Beta update #1 Changelog:

- Crimnet Icons no longer twitch

- Added Difficulty to the Crimenet Mouse over info (like NORMAL, HARD, VERY HARD and OVERKILL)

- On/Off to Depth of Field in the VIDEO options. This turns the distance blur on off per your request.

- Moved Armour upgrades to earlier in the game. The Ballistic Vest is now given at level 1 instead of 12 and all other vests come about 10 levels earlier. This should make life as a noob easier and less punishing.

- Added Yes/No option to visit Safehouse in menu - in case you misclick

- Added the growing money pile in detail in the Safehouse (keep an eye on this safe house ppl.... Smile)

- Ammo and medic bags become dynamic instead of disappearing when surface is moved/rotated/removed

- Graphical tweaks to the safe house

- Crash fixes for when players drop in on a game where another player has placed a trip mine but it hasn't been armed yet. It was a RARE crash. Thx for catching it.

- FOV Slider is in ! (now it was put up fast so all animations and models are not adapted to it. It will take TIME to do that)

- New optimized Character level of detail upgrade to cater for new changable FOV system

- Security fixes (nah wont tell...)

- SKULL Mask fix. Now EVERYONE should be able to go to the MASK slot and buy a SKULL mask for free. Then you can mod that for the money you have with the patterns and color you got form you Pre Order. The Red Dot sight will show up once you get a better rifle than the standard AMCAR rifle.

- Network fixes for less disconnects (STEAM still disconnects itself at times which we can not control and this depends on where you are in the world.)

Install Notes:

1. Unpack release
2. Install PAYDAY 2 Beta
3. Run PAYDAY_2_Beta_Update_1.exe from the /Update dir.
4. Copy over the cra*ked content from the /Cr*ck dir to your main game dir.
5. PLAY!

Additional Notes:

ALI213 for SteamEmu.
Ta aktualizacja może nie współpracować z każdą dostępną wersją gry!
Instalujesz ją tylko i wyłącznie na własną odpowiedzialność!
W razie jakichkolwiek zaistniałych z nią problemów,
nie wyżywaj się na uploaderze...

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